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Dad's view, Becoming a parent (NCT)

Birth place decisions (RCM)

Looking after your pelvic floor (NCT)

Perineal Stretching/Massage (Carolyn Hastie includes graphic illustrations)

Low-lying placenta (NCT)

Breech baby (NCT)

Your baby's movements in pregnancy (RCOG)

Pre-Eclampsia (APEC)

 Gestational Diabetes (RCOG)

Group B Strep in pregnancy and newborn babies (RCOG)

Understanding how risk is discussed in healthcare (RCOG)


Guide to Labour (NCT)

Straightforward birth (NCT)

Positions for labour and birth (NCT)

Using water for labour and birth (NCT)

Homebirth (NCT)

Pain in Labour: Your Hormones are your helpers (Dr Sarah Buckley)

Pain Relief in Labour (OAA)


Building a happy baby

This link takes you to Dr Jack Newman's leaflet on skin to skin

The Importance of Skin to Skin contact (Dr Jack Newman)

Vitamin K (NCT)

Dad's View, Early Days with your baby (NCT)

Bathtime tips for new parents (NCT)

Baby care back to basics (TIPS)

What's in a nappy? (NCT)

Caring for your baby at night (Unicef)

Normal Infant Sleep (ISIS)

Where Babies Sleep (ISIS)

Bed-Sharing and Safety (ISIS)

Sleep aids - Dummies, Swaddling and Baby Sleep Bags (ISIS)

Sleep Training (ISIS)

Using a sling for daytime sleeps (ISIS)

Babywearing & Slings (trifold leaflet, formatted for printing)

T.I.C.K.S. for Safe Babywearing

Living with Reflux

Common signs & symptoms for meningitis & septicaemia (Meningitis Now)

Blood loss after birth (NCT)

Postnatal Depression Leaflet (PANDAS)

Leaflet for fathers on PND (HAPIS)


Off to the Best Start (NHS/UNICEF)

Baby's Breastfeeding Cues

Breastfeeding Step by Step (NCT)

Reasons to be proud (NCT)

Breastfeeding - how long? (NCT)
Breastfeeding and your Nipples (NCT)

Fathers and breastfeeding (NCT)

Introducing Solids (NHS/UNICEF)

Babies and Pets:
A new baby and the family dog (Dogs Trust)

Cats and children (Cats Protection)


MonochorionicTwins - Information for parents when twins share one placenta. (Multiple Births Foundation)

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